natural flavors of your favorite drinks in an innovative way of serving

SLING is a collection of popular cocktails, the recipes and technology have been specially developed for industrial production.

SLING cocktails are supplied to bars, clubs, etc. in kegs in a completely ready-mixed form. It must only be poured into glasses using professional bar equipment.

This approach allows you and your friends to drink your favorite cocktails with spot on execution without the tedious waiting.

SLING recipes - innovation is now in your glass
Our cocktails are based on classic recipes, reconceived for industrial production to achieve the unbeatable taste and the highest quality. SLING COCKTAILS recipes and manufacturing technology provides for the use of entirely natural products and raw materials of the highest quality.
Manufacturing of SLING – uncompromising level of quality and consistently bright taste anytime, anywhere
When making cocktails, we do not mix individual ingredients, but industrially produce a ready drink.
Manufacturing technologies exclude the incorporation of gasses into the drink, which ensures a long shelf life and an invariability of the taste of cocktails.

At all stages of production, a high-level quality control is carried out: from checking the used raw materials to tasting the final product.

We prepare SLING cocktails into disposable plastic PolyKegs. The kegs are 100% recyclable. Thus, we contribute to the preservation of the environment. The SLING cocktails line is produced at the facilities of leading European companies.
Preparation and serving of SLING – progressive style and comfort of consumption
The SLING cocktails are prepared into ready-to-drink kegs. Professional bar equipment used for cocktails pouring provides for the temperature required to best reveal the flavor of SLING cocktails. All the bartender needs to do is to add some ice, pull the tap and decorate your cocktail with a leaf of mint or juniper, a slice of lime or orange.

You get your favorite perfect cocktail without the tedious waiting times, but with the consistent taste and quality in any bar where a SLING tap is installed

SLING technologies - the future has never been so close to the traditional bar industry
Modern recipe, strict control of the production and preparation of cocktails at all stages.

High-tech bar equipment that we provide at SLING cocktail points allows to serve your favorite cocktail truly fresh and delicious

Eco-friendly packaging provides long shelf life without loss of taste, quality and freshness.
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